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Lawsuit Claims CPS Removed Kids Out of Spite
Businesses Thought They Were Helping Schools By Advertising
HISD bonds would upgrade aging sports venues
Viewers help solve mystery surrounding US flag
Should you let your college student study abroad?
Can an eReader replace college textbooks?
2 killed when car crashes into San Antonio house
Missing yellow python returned home
The Help leads the way at the SAG Awards
Jake's Takes - 'Thunderstruck'
Revel targets food trucks with new Revel Router
Google vs. Apple: The inevitable patent battle ahead
Family Safety Versus HOA Rules
High Winds Cause Damage in Brenham, Pearland
Boldy go where few corpses have gone before
Katy ISD issues 'Stranger Danger' bulletins near several schools
Campus safety tips for your college student
Study finds media addiction prevalent among college students
New US warship open for tours in Galveston
Ex-first lady to host Ann Romney fundraising lunch
Get rich playing videogames
Jake's Takes - 'The Apparition'
HTC unveils Windows Phone 8X and 8S
Canadian teens put a (LEGO) man into space for just $400
FOX 26 Winners at 2011 Lone Star Awards
METRO Bus Split in Half on 288 South
FTC says local company is lying
Nearly 100 illegal immigrants inside home, ICE says
Career fields that guarantee jobs
LeVar Burton to reboot Reading Rainbow for the iPad
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Arrest made in death of woman at Chicago hotel
Texas volunteer firefighter dies after training
Jake's Takes - 'Now You See Me'
Jake's Takes - 'For a Good Time, Call...'
Survey: 10 percent of Brit men have snooped on partner's online accounts
Safe social networking tips for teens
Vicious Bullying Attack Leaves 9-Year-Old Humiliated
FOX 26 Story Helps ID BARC Burglary Suspect
Catching the suicidal on social media
Air rifle fired near middle school in Humble
College Students: Finding an Internship
Cheaper than buying: Online sites offer textbook rentals
North Texas woman accused of prank, $6K damage
Autistic George West student denied use of dog
Jake's Takes on 'Resident Evil: Retribution'
Texas game stories | June 18, 2012
Study: Is Facebook more addictive than alcohol or cigarettes?
Facebook might be tough on users with low self-esteem
Company Claims Great Income, Free Groceries
Local School District Accused Of Ignoring Sexual Tryst
Teen turned over to Homeland Security after hostage situation
Men steal FBI agent's gun, ID
Is your child ready for kindergarten?
Summer athletes need to take extra precaution
Sentence for Vaughan's bookkeeper sealed
Arrest in NY shooting of NFL player's brother
'Pocket Planes' takes 'Tiny Tower' bitizens to the sky
IGF Chair Boyer drops bombshells on IGF 2013
The truth about online dating sites selling you the science of love
Valentine's gifts for him and her
Home Owners Association Takes Home Over Legal Fees
Fugitive Puts Spotlight on Halfway House
2 UH students robbed at gunpoint the same week
CPS investigating when 7-year-old wanders from home
Recognizing dyslexia in children
Saving cash on college textbooks: E-book rental services compared
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Fla. lawmakers OK plan for Everglades restoration
Lubbock museum euthanizes mules for exhibit
Mexico finds some escapees in border prison break
Aspyr Media contest for 'Civilization V Mac' bundle
'Halo 4' on tap at RoosterTeeth Expo
Want to get paid for surfing the Web? Then join Google's Screenwise project
Multiple Natures tower is an alien-like structure that looks out of this world
Teen Mom's Kids Placed with Aunt, Uncle
Attorney Talks HOAs After Melee Video
SWAT teams help DEA in narcotics investigation
Atascocita firefighter dies after training in Beaumont
How to locate underused college scholarships
What you may not know about your school nurse
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Arizona man tried in friend's 1984 murder in Texas
Texas bank robber gets 14 years in federal prison
Sail the high seas for treasure in 'Treasure Sails'
Texas game news | 7.16.12
Geek love: Dating apps that choose social over science
Best iPhone apps
WWE Diva Eve Torres announces her engagement on Twitter
Hope, love, good food
Is 'SpongeBob' too much for young minds?
Campus smoking bans may help college students quit
Fire erupts at Mexico pipeline near US border
Gov't awards $228M in grants to black colleges
Nerds find unique haven in Houston Gaymers
GamesBeat's Dan 'Shoe' Hsu explains why he's ignoring your dumb game
Florida man injured by exploding electronic cigarette (it was in his mouth at the time)
Best shopping apps
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Texas town's rental ban to get second hearing
AMR expects about 4,400 job cuts, warns 11,000
The Green Mile star Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54
Amanda Bynes charged with two hit-and-runs
Mattel plans to make Back to the Future hover boards
In the future, electromagnetic roads may charge your cars while you drive
CPS Adoptions: Were Relatives Considered First?
Terminally-Ill Cancer Patients Complain About Doctor Bills
Celebrating Kennedy, 50 years later
Latino influence growing on American politics
Why Johnny won't go to school
Afraid to do the math?
Rihanna tickets
Ex-firefighter pleads guilty to robbing bank
Florida man sentenced in Texas fish scheme
Leann Rimes enters treatment center
Snooki debuts six-day-old baby Lorenzo
Airbag backpack saves skier's life in deadly avalanche
IKEA furniture assembly vlog proves its instructions are totally indecipherable
Viewers Want to Help Woman Trying to Get Home Back
Home Birth Horror Has Couple Seeking New Law
Drivers sing the Bellaire Boulevard Blues
Harris County voters back on their feet
No such thing as the 'freshman 15,' study finds
Teen 'sexting' common and linked to psychological woes
Texas authorities get list of Mexican escapees
10 killed in Mexico pipeline fire near US border
5 celebrity diets you should probably avoid
Slideshow: Vanity Fair's Tribeca gala: Michael Douglas, Julia-Louis Dreyfus & more!
Space elevator could be ready by 2050, ride takes a week
New Apple TV expected alongside iPad 3
Houston Father Waits To See Daughter on U.S. Soil
Houston Teen's Killer Featured on America's Most Wanted
City stimulus funds get new homes for families
4th West Nile Virus death in Houston, 6 new cases
College students still vulnerable to bullying
Study spots early signs of math disabilities in kids
Mexico finds a few escapees in border prison break
Pilot uninjured in chopper crash in West Texas
Tupac's hologram at Coachella: Is bringing the dead back to "life" awesome, or just wrong?
Slideshow: Five-Year Engagement premiere at Tribeca: Emily Blunt, Jason Segel & more!
Google's privacy shift: Everything you need to know
This Kinect shopping cart can help you get your grocery list done
HOA Reform Rally
Defendants Wait Years For Trials In Liberty County
Armed investigator to retired teacher: You're dead
Chambers County man still homeless 4 years after Ike
Internet sites go global with free language translations
Universities buying .xxx domains to keep their brands clean
Lady Gaga tickets
Dick Tarpley, ex-Abilene editor, dead at 92
Waco-area official admits misusing public assets
Why sad movies make you happy
Do celebrity moms really know best?
With the Zero-G Cup, astronauts enjoy real cup of tea aboard the International Space Station
How to become a hit on Twitter
Houston Woman Sues Doctor For Botched Surgery
Bikers Rally Against Houston Officer
Convicted child rapist now in prison after walking out of trial
Ex-Stanford exec gets 3 years for $7B swindle
Make online education work for you
Can chewing gum boost exam scores?
Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets
El Paso woman at least 54th Texas West Nile death
26 killed in Mexico pipeline fire near US border
Hear the Rolling Stones in concert for only $7
What are Carrie Underwood's favorite foods?
Pinterest is blowing up... with cries of copyright infringement
Apple announces the new iPad: Retina display, 4G & the iPhone 4S camera
Medicare Fraud Cases Holding Up Ambulances
HOA Meeting Melee Caught On Tape
Houston Billboard Campaign: 'You Don't Need God'
Gingrich Visits Houston Amid Presidential Chatter
Chronic fatigue tied to extended school absences
Study: Students with smartphones study more often
Prosecutors seek to charge man for childhood crime
12 charged with smuggling immigrants into Texas
Move over Citizen Kane, Vertigo named best film of all time
12 things NASA's Curiosity rover hopefully won't find on Mars
The 5 Quirky products that need to come out now
SchoolFeed: The Facebook app everyone needs to avoid
Mysterious Death at Local Hospital
Dangerous Driving Caught On Video
Jailed Sect Leader Retakes Legal Control of Church
Book: From Topless Bar to Practicing Christian
More schooling might raise IQ
College degree lowers marriage odds for those from disadvantaged backgrounds
Family speaks after Dallas 911 caller slain
Texas man gets life in prison for drug convictions
The 5 weirdest Summer Olympic events
5 great books to read this summer
Employers are beginning to ask job applicants for their Facebook logins
Goodbye, anonymity: Latest surveillance tech can search up to 36 million faces per second
Questions Surrounding Galveston County Judge's 2 Jobs
America's Most Wanted Profiles Local Murder of 17-Year-Old Girl
San Antonio Archdiocese Settles Abuse Suit for $1M
Texas Church Grows Where Drugs Once Thrived
School immunization requirements from preschool to college
Apple boldly reinvents the school textbook with iBooks 2 and iTunes U, but will educators bite?
2 wounded in night gunfire near Arlington school
El Paso leaders vote for $50M AAA stadium
Chad Ochocinco Johnson arrested for head-butting wife
It's a boy for Brandon Routh and wife Courtney Ford
Flying car lands at New York Auto Show, complete with hefty price tag
Does "iPhoneography" inspire beginners or dumb down photography?
Up Close Look At Homeowners Associations
Unkept Promises For Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
Space shuttle Endeavour heads west to new mission
Executive director of Dallas Arts District resigns
Big Bang baby gifts for Simon Helberg's daughter
Olympics: London's closing ceremony rocks on and rocks out
Facebook had to buy Instagram: Here's why and what it means for you
Verizon adds $30 charge for subscribers updating cell phones
Unexpected Deaths No Stranger To Disbarred Attorney
Remarkable Progress for Woman Helped By FOX 26 Viewers
Texas Pastor Facing Burglary Charges Says She's No Thief
Arizona Hospital Loses Catholic Status Over Surgery
Exercise might boost kids' academic ability
Kids willing to fail may perform better academically
Texan whose beaten grandson dies gets probation
Killer of 5 at Dallas-area car wash set to die
Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown dead at 90
Robert Pattinson: I'm going to hire a publicist
Functional wooden NES controller coffee table for sale on Etsy
Best income tax apps for iPad
Houston Modeling School Closes, No Refunds For Students
Clients Claim Insurance Agent Duped Them
Local Churches Spread Awareness About Sex Slavery
Vatican: Everyone Can Use Condoms to Prevent HIV
Bilingual kids are better multi-taskers
Vitamin D doesn't help kids do better in school
Jersey Boys tickets
Corpus Christi leaders approve police settlement
Judge: Texas firm must pay disabled workers $1.4M
Kristen Stewart dropped from Snow White sequel
Ron Palillo, Horshack on Welcome Back, Kotter, dies at 63
Pringles 2.0? Here's one how designer reimagined the chips' packaging
New anti-spam measures could punish Pinterest power users
Confidential Attorney Files Dumped In Parking Lot
Arrested Man Goes Directly To Hospital Instead Of Jail
Archbishop Dolan To Head U.S. Bishops
50 Years of Houston Baptist University
Lessons learned from a lifetime of gaming
Physical education is good for kids' grades
26 dead, 46 injured in Mexico pipeline fire
Retired shuttle Endeavour set for stop in Houston
High court won't stop Texas voting map
Kenny G files for divorce
American Idol's Scotty McCreery falls off stage during concert
FBI: Web will go dark for 350,000 infected Internet users starting July 9
New laptops compared: How long will your battery last?
Unlicensed Contractors Caught in the Act
Appraisal District Overvalues Home by $135K
Fire Destroys Half of Santa Fe Church
Muslim Superhero In New Comic Book
Overweight kids may do worse in math
Twitter helps save 9-year-old girl's banned school-lunch blog
Helicopter crash reported in Central Texas
Zach Galifianakis ties the knot
Chad Johnson's wife Evelyn Lozada files for divorce
Verizon roadmap leaked: iPhone 5, Galaxy S III, more Razrs and a giant phone from HTC
New cologne duplicates smell of newly unboxed Apple gadgets
Hidden Camera Investigation into Local Modeling/Acting School
Insurance Agent Caught on Hidden Camera
Faith-Healing Parents Guilty Of Manslaughter
Delivering Faith to Special Needs Families
Delaying ADHD meds could hurt kids' math scores
Fun ways to stop summer brain drain
Autopsy: body found in Houston is missing woman
Carrie Underwood tickets
Police: LSU arrest not connected to Texas threat
Eclipse season on Mars, so Curiosity took photos
Sylvester Stallone speaks out on son's death: "It's very, very tough"
Mayim Bialik recovering after car accident, will keep all fingers
Who has the fastest Internet? America vs. The World
Report: Apple's new iPhone will sport a 4-inch screen, thinner body, new dock connector
Dog Dies After Attack At Area Kennel
Bank Forecloses on Home After it's Paid Off
Houston Tops List of Mega Churches
Words of Peace and Loyalty from Houston Muslims on 9/11 Eve
Summer homework battles
Kids born even a little early have lower school scores
Justice Wainwright to resign Sept. 30
Son gets life for hitting, killing mom with truck
Jodie Foster: Leave Kristen Stewart alone
Jimmy Kimmel gets engaged
Apple quietly upgrades the iPad 2, improves battery life significantly
Apocalypse never: Newly discovered Mayan calendar disproves 2012 doomsday myth
Dozens Of Members Complain About Vacation Club
Grosse Pointe Hockey Coach Charged
Church members expected to burn Koran
350 Couples Celebrate Golden Anniversary
Homeschool or public school?
10 ways to pay for college without student loans
Andrea Bocelli tickets
Some catches in Gulf above some pre-spill levels
North Texan at least 55th Texas West Nile death
Did Robert Pattinson address Kristen Stewart's cheating?
5 strange celebrity meltdowns
Is it a boat or a plane? The Flying Hovercraft is both!
Facebook Highlights: The beginning of paid social networking?
Surprising Developments in Disbarred Attorney Investigation
CPS Makes More Disturbing Allegations Against Parents
Houston Church Home to Katrina Evacuees
Faith the Two-Legged Dog to Visit British Troops Wounded in Afghanistan
All that txtng may b hrtng kids' grammar
Junk food laws in schools may mean healthier kids
Baywatch's Donna D'Errico to continue quest for Noah's Ark after injury
Jessica Simpson's father Joe Simpson charged with two counts of DUI
Two men rob Internet cafe, forget to log out of Facebook prior to robbery
Svelte iPhone 5 concept slims down Apple's popular smartphone
Surprising Twist in CPS Case Involving Psychotropic Drugs
FOX 26 Investigates Prompts Life-Saving Policy Change
Faith Leaders Excluded from September 11 Anniversary Event
Recipes for Health & Spirit
Unconventional career tips for recent grads
Late-night cramming may hurt school test results
Body found in rug in Houston apartment, ID sought
Boldly go where few corpses have gone before
Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak has a baby boy
Bobby Brown enters rehab
The best camping gadgets for technology lovers
"Ring of Fire" solar eclipse captured in time-lapse video
Miraculous Changes For Woman Helped by FOX 26
CPS Does About Face, Accuses Parents Of Abuse
'Amen' to Clifton Davis on FOX 26 Morning News
'Rolling Rabbis' Ride into Houston
Overloaded backpacks can injure kids
Mars rover Curiosity and collaborate to inspire students to "Reach for the Stars"
Skull found at abandoned Houston apartment complex
Fire damages southwest Houston bar, likely result of arson
Kelsey Grammer: I didn't get an Emmy nomination because I'm Republican
Silversun Pickups ask Mitt Romney to stop playing its song 'Panic Switch'
LG's 55-inch OLED TV gets coming out party in Monaco
Flame, the world's most dangerous cyber weapon, discovered in Middle East
Home Buyers Accuse Houston Housing Authority of Deception, Fraud
Can HOA Force You To Buy Vacant Lots?
SCLC President Howard Creecy, Jr. Dies
Houston Church Named a Historical Marker
Making parental peace with kids' homework
Danica McKellar pens female-focused math book Girls Get Curves
Sarah Brightman tickets
Neon Trees tickets
Man robs 5-year-old on playground, police say
Manslaughter conviction in Pa. welding shop death
Penelope Cruz becomes Super Mario -- mustache and all
Life imitates art: Real-life Walter White wanted on meth charge
Teenage girl posts picture of cash on Facebook, family robbed within hours
Googling how to commit murder is the easiest way to get arrested
CPS Makes Shocking Allegations at 2 Moms
Unlicensed Repairman Caught on Tape
Victoria Osteen Promotes Child Literacy
Pope Accepts Rigali's Resignation
Muse tickets
BP agrees to relax requirements for claims
Company claimed to dispose of hazardous waste, did opposite
Family denies that Tony Scott had brain cancer
Murder, She Wrote's William Windom dies at 88
How to buy a camcorder
Prometheus tech: How close are we to having it?
Alleged Ponzi Schemer Targets Elderly
Pool Builder Caught On Tape Convicted
Sunday Worship with Burnt Building in Background
Early Mormons Settled Central Texas Village
Not a sellers or buyers market: a neutral market
Police investigate possible kidnapping in SW Houston
Michaele and Tareq Salahi's divorce finalized
The Mentalist's Amanda Righetti expecting first child
Apple's new iOS 6: What you need to know
J.K. Rowling brings Harry Potter to Sony's Wonderbook: Book of Spells
Loophole Could Help Seriously Ill Children
Gravely Ill Baby Denied Medicaid
Vatican Will Finance Adult Stem Cell Research
Pope Benedict Will 'Take Action' Against Clerical Sex Abuse
Department of Agriculture throws 2 cents on immigration
Stolen pickup truck crashes into house
Avril Lavigne engaged to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger
LL Cool J catches burglar
Supposedly leaked document outlines Xbox 720 plans
Bluetooth device and iOS app ensure you never lose your keys again
Grandmother Sentenced In Grandson's Drowning
Victims of Church Fire Worship Outdoors
Fire Destroys Southeast Houston Church Building
2 Ohio soldiers killed in fire near Fort Hood
Mexico slow to start on border bridge near El Paso
Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss lightens up with dramatic haircut
Viacom to Jersey Shore's The Situation: You can't trademark "GTL"
Opinion: Why Facebook is better off without preteens
250,000 people were set to loose Internet access due to DNSChanger
Ban Lifted on Graduation Prayer
Texas, Valedictorian Seek to Allow Ceremony Prayer
Houston mother gets life sentences in girl's death
Space shuttle Endeavour stuck at home in Florida
What did Katie Holmes get in Tom Cruise divorce settlement?
Lance Armstrong faces being stripped of his Tour de France victories
Verizon's Share Everything plan explained
Yahoo hacked: Details of 453,000 users exposed online
Houstonians Celebrate Good Friday
Former Idol Contestant to Perform at Easter Service in Houston
Louisiana State evacuates following bomb threat
Jury mulls murder case in Pa. welding shop slaying
Rufus Wainwright marries longtime boyfriend
Randy Travis hospitalized after drunken church fight
Facebook scans chats, comments looking for criminal behavior
$24,000 will get you a full zombie survival kit for the impending apocalypse
Texas Judge: No Prayer at High School Graduation
101-Year-Old Woman Honored for Service to Community
USS Fort Worth docks in Galveston
Elderly man found after he was reported missing
Kathie Lee Gifford: Taylor Swift crashed Kennedy wedding
Jerry Nelson, the voice of Sesame Street's Count, dies at 78
Man allegedly assaulted by McDonald's staff for wearing digital glasses
Is your vote secure? Many digital systems lack paper backups
City Council Votes to Sell Lakewood Church Building
Book, Church Event Promote Hope
Les Miserables tickets
3 officers fired gunshots toward man who reached into waistband
Houston-area traffic alerts for Monday night
Stephen Baldwin arrested in New York City
Chris Pratt and Anna Faris welcome their first child
Verizon CFO hints at the release date of the iPhone 5
Amelia Earhart: Why the mystery continues
Lakewood Church Volunteers to Help Tornado Victims
The Fight for 'Jesus' in Memorial Day Prayer
Suspect beat, set man on fire in NE Houston, HPD says
Student robbed near Univ. of Houston campus
Murder charge filed against man in fatal stabbing
Road rage erupts in gunfire, death
John Mayer chops off his long locks
Prosecutors reopen Amanda Bynes' April hit-and-run case
Adorable real-life Wall-E robot is sure to tug at your heart strings
As rover Curiosity lands, Mars exploration program fights for its life
Gay Jesus Play Planned at College in Texas
Bishops, Nuns Differ on Health Care Reform
More women striking it big in Houston
Workforce Solutions creates more problems
American Idol alum Mandisa flaunts 120-pound weight loss
Drug and assault charges against Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans dropped
NASA's Curiosity Mars rover: 5 surprising facts
Can Twitter save NASA?
E-Mail Prayer Campaign for NASA Workers
Vatican Denies Celibacy Led to Sex Abuse Scandal
Too much salt causing serious heath issues for children
Fort Worth may get new outdoor sculpture
Jessica Alba gets new ombre hair for stripper role in Sin City 2
Walking Dead's Scott Wilson charged with DUI
Which tablet should you buy?
Twitter users sent more than 150 million Olympic tweets
Horse Farm Operated by Nuns Closing
DHA Halts Church Services at Public Housing Unit
Maroon 5 tickets
Rise in babies with syphilis seen in San Antonio
Houston police shoot man believed to have gun
MasterChef's Graham Elliot Bowles welcomes a son
Snooki adjusts to not-so-glamorous motherhood
LA restaurant offers discount to diners who give up their phone during meal
Facedeals checks you into places using a camera and Facebook facial recognition software
Pope Blesses Astronauts in 1st Papal Call to Space
George W. Bush Says Faith Helped in Tough Times
Search suspended in case of missing elderly man
32,000 guns stolen in Houston; 7% recovered
Madonna defends controversial MDNA tour in open letter
Real Housewives star files for divorce one day after father's death
Hold your breath: The hottest phones you can't buy yet
The dangers of using personal finance apps
Dalai Lamai Speaks in Los Angeles Area
Nun Sky Dives for Haiti
Pit bull is accomplice in Fort Worth mugging
Murder trial this week for 1984 Fort Worth slaying
Holly Madison pregnant with first child
Who are Hollywood's highest-paid celebs?
RoboWorld Cup: Usain Volt taking on world's best robot athletes
11 amazing brain-controlled devices that are already here
Theology of Near-Death Experiences
St. Agnes Missonary Baptist Church Closing?
Wicked tickets
New El Paso border bridge progress only on US side
2 bodies believed illegal immigrants
The maudlin alternate opening for The Avengers
Eddie Van Halen has emergency surgery; tour rescheduled
Could Internet addiction be genetic?
Apple iPhone 5 unveiled in San Francisco
Churchgoers Raise Money for Haiti Aid
Auxiliary Houston Bishop Named Austin Bishop
NASA postpones final ferry flight of Endeavour
Driver killed had blood-alcohol 4 times over limit
Sofia Vergara confirms engagement, "wouldn't mind" another baby
Chris Lighty, manager of P. Diddy, 50 Cent and more, commits suicide
Texas Seminary Acquires Dead Sea Scroll Fragments
Dallas Church to Buy Recording Studio Building
Lake Travis area town cuts jobs due to drought
Fewer inspections for Dallas restaurants
Seal issues follow-up to Heidi Klum "fornicating with the help" comment
Bobby Brown's wife rushed to hospital
DOJ: Law Office Used Christianity to Grant Asylum
School changes "Easter eggs" to "Spring spheres"
Gas drilling impact fee in Pa. exceeds projections
Condemned Texas man loses appeal in rage slayings
Russell Crowe bailed out by Coast Guard after getting lost kayaking
Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong rushed to the hospital
Free Rehabilitation Program from Banana Bread, Coffee
Couples Celebrate 'Black Marriage Day'
Mexican national teenager shot at border crossing
Piranha relative caught by fishermen in San Angelo
Robin Roberts' mother dies at 88
Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott welcome a baby boy
Revival of 'Jekyll & Hyde' to close May 12
Man charged in theater shooting applied to TAMU
Drunken driver gets prison after 4 probations
Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams marries
Elisha Cuthbert engaged to Dion Phaneuf
Manor bus driver accused of on-board student abuse
Houston police kill man who allegedly stabbed 3
Judy Blume battling breast cancer
Kellie Pickler shaves her head in support of cancer-stricken friend
2 bodies found after Killeen apartments burn
Feds announced $1.2M for new Sun Metro buses
Dixie Chicks' Emily Robison welcomes baby girl
Laguna Beach star arrested on suspicion of DUI
Court tosses prison sentences in Kan. hunting case
UT president says evacuation order was timely
Amanda Bynes' driver's license suspended after hit-and-run charges
Rihanna, One Direction top MTV Video Music Awards
EPA adds 12 waste sites to Superfund list
Woman with alleged cartel ties pleads in gun case
Carson Daly and girlfriend welcome daughter
HIMYM's Cobie Smulders weds SNL's Taran Killiam
Reward offered for missing radioactive tool
16 bodies found across northeast Mexico, 1 hanged
Big Brother's Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly wed
Sage Stallone's cause of death revealed
Actor gets 7-year term for molesting child actress
SE Texan at least 53rd Texas West Nile death
Man who held knife fatally shot by officers
Judge asked to toss claims spill hurt BP brand
'Stiletto Sprint' benefits The Breast Cancer Charities of America
Finding homes, jobs for under-appreciated heroes
West Nile death in Hempstead, new cases in Houston, Harris County
School tells bullied teen: ball up or run
Crowds go crazy for 'American Girls'
Teen accused of killing woman who'd cared for him
Eric Clapton tickets
Blind repeat sexual offender gets life sentence
HISD Bonds: HSPVA wants crowd relief
Critics' Circle names 'Matilda' top musical
Beaumont man gets prison in child pornography case
Pilot dies in East Texas crash of small airplane
North Texas woman gets 50 years in deadly plot
Police have cellphone card in Wylie driver slaying
Service Saturday in Texas for slain missionary
APNewsBreak: BPI sues ABC News for defamation
Nation says goodbye to moonwalker Neil Armstrong
Retail gasoline prices up a penny across Texas
Texas, Calif. lead nation in child pool drownings
Farmington Daily Times editor to step down
Dallas-bound plane with 53 returns to Grand Rapids
Texas woman, 77, yanked from SUV by officer
NASA's retired space shuttle Endeavour headed west
Former small-town Texas mayor accused of extortion
Perry slams Fed's open-ended steps to aid economy
La. man gets prison for $3.4M real-estate scam
State searching for lost radioactive oilfield tool
Texas man linked to Anonymous hackers arrested
County taking nuke waste, state get 1st payments
Taylor Swift tickets
U. of Tulsa issues statement on president's firing
Two days of culinary heat in Stafford
Nobody hurt in Texas school fire before classes
Marines detain alleged Gulf drug cartel leader
Suspect arrested in NJ bar bouncer's murder
Correction: Jewelry Fraud Sentence story
Castro says GOP pushing trickle-down economic plan
Planned Parenthood wants injunction restored
Military says 2 soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Texas hearing on Planned Parenthood gets emotional
Texas death row inmate's appeal dismissed
Talk show host Beck vows to boycott American
Political conventions highlight Hispanic split
Prosecutors accused of bad faith in Ponzi plea
Agriculture commissioner to talk border security
Air Force instructor goes on trial in sex scandal
Jury selection in case of missing Arizona baby
Texan accused in pipeline case faces mental exam
San Antonio woman gets 19 years in toddler death